MC (pronounced “em-cee”) Brand Communications was founded in 2018 by former NBA business comms exec and PR agency veteran Michael Chavez Booth, better known as MCB.  MCB was motivated by his passion for sports, expertise in communications and ability to orchestrate partnerships between the artists driving culture and brands seeking to be part of the conversation. At our roots, we began as a  boutique PR agency specializing in professional sports, arts and culture.

In 2020, Pilaar Terry joined as Managing Partner, armed with nearly 20 years of PR and communications experience. With her at the helm, MCBC has quickly evolved into a fast-growing organization that services an array of clients across our Work and Play divisions. We’re committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive organization that operates with intention and produces outstanding results.


Our core capabilities include Brand Communications (B2B & B2C), Reputation Management, Strategic Partnerships, Artist & Brand Collaborations and Talent & Influencer Engagement.

Brand Communications

Brand Development & Brand Refinement
Strategic Development
Press Material Creation
Media Relations and Engagement
Message Development
Media Training

Talent and Influencer Engagement

Celebrity, Influencer and Athlete Procurement
Research & Recommendation
Project Management & Execution
Product Seeding
Content Creation & Oversight

Strategic Partnerships

Vertical Insights, Counsel and Due Diligence
Research and Recommendation
Project Management & Execution
Brand Storytelling


Pilaar Terry

Managing Partner & Executive Director

Pilaar Terry, Managing Partner & Executive Director Pilaar Terry has nearly 20 years of entertainment PR and marketing experience under her belt. Prior to MCBC, she launched an independent PR and marketing consultancy in 2018. She has also worked at top-tier global agencies including Edelman, FleishmanHillard, PMK-BNC, The Marketing Arm and United Entertainment Group, representing more than 100+ worldwide brands.

A well-seasoned veteran in PR, corporate communications, brand strategy and partnerships, her background includes thought leadership, brand integrations, content creation and production, CRM, direct response and experiential. Despite her diverse background, her true love remains media relations and strategy for mission-driven brands and causes. Pilaar is from the SF Bay Area, loves horror movies, Harry Potter, LEGO, puzzles, comic book hero origin stories and Lifetime movies. She still says ”hella” and her weaknesses are a great plate of nachos, 90’s R&B and marshmallow Peeps.

Pilaar is a University of Southern California alum with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. And, she’s a proud member of the USC Annenberg School of Communications & Journalism Advisory Board and actively mentors BIPOC students, recent graduates and young professionals.

Flerine Cruz

Account Supervisor

Pulling inspiration from world travels, field experience and a multilingual household, Flerine is warmly regarded for empowering clients and colleagues to grow seeds of ideas into content- driving concepts and sought-after programs. Seasoned with a decade of award-winning PR and communications campaigns for international clients, Flerine joins MC Brand Communications with a fervent focus on intentional mentorship and community advocacy. She groomed her managerial style at Quinn PR, named a Top PR Firm by Forbes and one of America’s Most Powerful PR Firms by Observer. She’s passionate about incubating workplaces into ecosystems that will manifest an emerging generation of talented strategists and creators.

Inspired by storytellers from Es Devlin and Ken Burns to Spike Lee and Grace Nono, Flerine gets excited about creating meaningful campaigns around impactful angles that actualize narratives and affirm histories. Partners, teammates and stakeholders trust her intuitive approach to propagate an angle to the right source that will turn a newsworthy story into a cultural shift.

A passionate interest in public history and spatial design drives Flerine’s work and play — always dreaming of new ideas of where unsung narratives, events and programs can be pitched, placed and amplified to influence. After hours, Flerine is a parent, artist and academic. She is currently pursuing her MA in Museum Studies and serves as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant for philanthropy-serving organizations and nonprofit clients coast to coast.

Erika Villalvazo

Communications Strategist

Erika Villalvazo is a self-starter, dreamer, and passion-driven creator. Erika brings an entrepreneurial mindset to her work, by investing in her goals, being a lifelong learner and seeking to consistently identify and make the most of opportunities. Erika’s mission is to help clients succeed and achieve their career objectives through meaningful and intentional public relations strategies.

Erika’s career portfolio is comprised of various industries including marketing, social media, journalism, and event planning, from storied places such as FOX Sports, NBC Entertainment, and The Hollywood Reporter. She has worked with high profile talent and brands in the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment spaces.

Erika has also lead diversity, and equity initiatives to foster education and inclusion within the workplace. She is passionate about cultural empowerment, diverse storytelling, and helping brands craft a unique and authentic identity to help launch impactful campaigns.

Kyndall Echols

Communications Strategist

Kyndall aims to bring lasting diversity in the fashion and entertainment industries through advocacy, creative storytelling, intentional marketing, and strategic communications. She wants to bring talented creators of color to the forefront and to help companies authentically and ethically connect with their consumers of color.

Kyndall believes diversity and cultural appreciation is critical in industries that are constantly referring to other cultures and communities for inspiration. She has worked with organizations and brands in the fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and non-profit sectors.

She earned an M.A. in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University. She is passionate about advocacy, creative storytelling, purpose-driven marketing, and culture.

Ysabel Sarinas

Associate Communications Strategist

Ysabel Sarinas loves nothing more than a good story. It’s what drives her – academically, professionally, and personally. She is a recent graduate of San Diego State University and a proud owner of a B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. During her time as a communications assistant at a public radio station and a freelance writer for a digital magazine, her ardor for helping others tell their stories only grew. Through authentic messaging, unique content, and collaborative strategy, Ysabel aims to shine a spotlight on stories that inspire and engage. In her free time, she is an avid reader, moviegoer, and television binge-watcher.

Lucine Chammas

Associate Communications Strategist

Lucine Chammas is an outgoing, sharp, and dedicated storyteller in the PR industry. With experience in events and music publicity, she has discovered a passion for showcasing brands and diverse talent in the media scope. Her efforts are focused on growing client visibility in a saturated field while maintaining their authenticity.

Through strategic pitching as an intern, she has landed features for touring artists in The Boston Globe, The Daily Californian, and Buzzbands LA, all while securing interviews on podcasts and media outlets. She also has experience in facilitating press events and showcasing sponsors for multiple film premieres. Whether it be in the office or on-site, Lucine is committed to her team and any client she represents.